It contains two of the most primitive functions of vision:
"SEE" and "MORE" which means better facilities, scale and skills than any eye surgeon ever.

" See a better world! "

Korea Medical Association Official Lasik/Lasek Surgery Clinic,
300 million won compensation insurance, the best equipment
All of these are just one, "Let's show you a better world."

  • 01
    Vision Correction

    LASIK/LASEK, Artificial Lens Insertion, Pediatric vision, Strabismus, Amblyopic

  • 02
    Lens Clinic

    Dream lens, Contact lens

  • 03
    Cataract presbyopia

    Premium artificial eye lens, Multifocal Intraocular Lens Implantationn

  • 04
    Glaucoma clinic

    Congenital glaucoma, Secondary glaucoma, Closed angle glaucoma, Open angle glaucoma

  • 05
    Retina clinic degeneration, Public health factors, Myodesopsia
  • 06
    Blepharoplasty double eyelid, Blepharoptosis, Entropion of eyelid
  • 07
    Treatment of disorders of the eye

    Xerophthalmia, Blepharitis, Eye inflammation, Tears

The fifth floor, Dunsan center road 50, Seo-gu, Daejeon. Korea

  • Surgery Hours

    • Weekday

      AM 09:00 ~ PM 07:30

    • Saturday

      AM 09:00 ~ PM 03:00

    • A public holiday

      AM 09:00 ~ PM 12:30

    • Lunch time

      PM 12:30 ~ PM 02:00

    ※ No lunch time on Saturday. / Closed on Sundays.
  • A Counseling Call

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    • 042-486-0116

    • FAX


  • Online reservation

    Booking is convenient through e-mail.
Precautions before a visit

Please understand that the reception may be closed early depending on the patient on standby.
Please contact me at the representative phone.

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